The Boob Blog: women still reporting breast rashes from Victoria’s Secret bras

At the risk of this becoming the Boob Blog, I must shine a light once again on the rashes reported by Victoria’s Secret customers. Despite the fact that Victoria’s Secret knows full well that many of their bras contain formaldehyde, they continue to produce the contaminated and damaging product. I started writing about this topic more than a year ago, and women are STILL popping up on this blog, reporting horrendous rashes and welts, and irresistible itching.

The issue of breast rashes and the connection to Victoria’s Secret first arose in 2008. It is now 2014. Clearly, Victoria’s Secret simply doesn’t care that their product hurts women. Clearly, they’re continuing to make mountains of money off products that, although lovely, let’s face it — are ridiculously overpriced, and we continue to buy because we like them that much and nothing else comes close. But once you’ve had the rash, you’ll change your mind.

Although I was able to find many class action suits against Victoria’s Secret, I was unable to find information about a settlement. Maybe the class action suit needs to be larger. The trouble is, many women don’t realize what’s actually causing their discomfort. They blame their lotions, perfumes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, hormones and heat, never realizing that their bra is the source of the rash.

And it’s not just any rash. There are huge welts, and the nipple area becomes dry, flakey and horrifically itchy. So itchy, you MUST scratch, and that only makes it worse. The urge to scratch is greater than the realization that you are bruising yourself and even raking your skin raw.

Yes, it’s THAT bad.

Lotions won’t help, powders won’t help, creams from the doctor won’t help, antihistamines won’t help. The only solution is to stop wearing the bras and tough it out until the rash goes away. However, If you have a rash, and suspect your Victoria’s Secret bra, don’t throw it away. It’s evidence. Put it in a Ziploc and store it. You never know when a lawyer might step forward and take on this company, that rewards its loyal customers by continuing to sell a product that it knows is harmless.

I discovered the Reeves Law Group online, and it is quite familiar with the bra rash issue. Here’s some of what they had to say about the rashes:

Victoria’s Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie. The company has been credited with changing perceptions about undergarments, from a seldom-discussed taboo to a trendy, commonplace accessory. Recently, however, Victoria’s Secret bras, including the Angels Secret Embrace bra and the Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bra, have come under scrutiny for being made with hazardous chemical toxins, such as formaldehyde, that can cause serious, long-lasting injuries.

Formaldehyde is a preservative found in many daily products. The garment industry regularly uses formaldehyde to make wrinkle-free, mildew-resistant fabrics. However, formaldehyde is also a known allergen that can cause serious skin irritation and lasting skin damage.

Immediate skin injuries due to formaldehyde exposure include:

  • Itching
  • Hives
  • Rashes
  • Blistering
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Watery Eyes

Long-term consequences of contact with formaldehyde may include permanent and disfiguring scarring.

They also had this advice about what to do after you’ve discovered a rash:

  • Seek Medical Attention – Have a doctor examine and treat your condition as soon as possible.

  • Collect Evidence – Take photos of the damaged skin with a camera or cell phone camera. Preserve the bra for laboratory testing. Keep any packaging, instructions, and labels that came with the bra.

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer, with exceptional experience and a winning record – Such a lawyer will know how to formulate a case, collect evidence, call upon experts to examine the bra, and communicate effectively with Victoria’s Secret, the company’s lawyers, and medical care providers.

What do you say, ladies? Should we start objecting to a company that rewards our loyalty with a product that causes so much discomfort? In the meantime — bag up those bras, try to stop scratching, and when you find a product you like as much as Victoria’s Secret, please report back! We want to know!



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  1. Have had a reaction to bras purchased. Moles all under and around my breasts. Still have bras and receipt for purchase 05/24 2007.

  2. Hello Bambi, you are the first one to report moles. Most people have reported a rash, red welts, dry nipples and unbearable itching. You should probably have a doctor check you, and good that you saved your bras and receipts.

  3. The itching & hives are awful. It took me some time to realize that my bras were the cause though. I’ve developed marks from the hives/itching. More women need to know about the risks involved with these bras.

    • Hello Monica! Well, that is the goal… all of us here on these threads are hopefully shining a light on this issue. We just need to keep the conversation going. I suffered with the rash and itching for well over a year before I put two and two together. Since I stopped wearing the bras (sadly, I threw them away) I have not had ONE incident of rashes, hives or itching.

  4. I also recently bought 2 VS bras and now have an intense rash. I tried to contact a lawyer. I was also one of the women affected during the initial problem 6 years ago. I think I’ve bought 4 bras from there total in the 6 years since I realized they were what gave me a rash. I assumed it was safe now considering they had a lawsuit against them. I’m trying to get in touch with a lawyer who will listen to me and I am seeing a dermatologist on Friday. I’m ready for a lawsuit. They can keep making bras with dangerous chemicals in them.

    • Dawn – it’s MADDENING that the bras are still on the market! You would think they’d be safe by now, but no. Please keep us posted on what your dermatologist says and any progress with a lawsuit. You probably have enough women right here on this blog to start a class action suit. Please stay in touch!

  5. I have been suffering with this “rash” for about 8 months. I thought I had poison ivy at first…but even my RX cream would not clear this blistering.
    I noticed the rash would lesson in anger as quickly as overnight…not sleeping in my bra. Then in the past week I was flu-bound and braless for three days straight. Hmmm. Rash was going away.
    When I felt better, the bra back on…the evil rash returns! Horrible,itchy,unattractive. Just UGLY!!!
    My poor husband 😦 He shouldn’t have to see this. I feel so unattractive!
    I’ve worn VS bras for 23 years and have experienced rash issues for nearly all of them. I would like my money back and no scars! I’m furious with this company for doing this to me and millions of other people.
    It’s still occurring now, 2014. All the articles I find are from 2008.
    SERIOUSLY?!?! It’s STILL happening VS? Thanks Mother#*#*ers

  6. Stephanie – you’ve hit on the REAL issue… Victoria’s Secret CONTINUES to produce bras that cause these horrible rashes, even though they’re well aware of the issue. THEY DON’T CARE. My rash was so bad and itchy, it BLED. It looked like I was covered in ringworm. And, like you, it took a long, long time before I figured out that it was the bra. I frequently wear stretchy sports bras (like the ones made by Nike or Champion), and that was what finally tipped me off… no VS bra, rash goes away. Put it on… rash comes roaring back.
    I’m glad you found our little group – there is truth in numbers. The more of us who gather and speak out, the louder our collective voice will become. Because the sad fact of the matter is – no one has found bras they like as much as VS bras. What we really want is for them to simply stop poisoning us with their product – so we can buy it again!!!

  7. Bought a Vs multiway bra over labor day weekend. Wore it today to work for the first time. After ten hours I felt pain. I removed it at home and found a line of blisters were there is a small elastic clear strip attached to the straps. Label states that it’s 83% nylon 17% elastane. I’m in severe pain with what I believe to be a chemical burn

    • UNBELIEVABLE that this is still happening. Marilyn, I strongly recommend (and this goes for everyone on this blog) that you get photos of your blisters, burns and rashes, and also see your doctor immediately so there is documentation of what is happening to you, and also to rule out any other cause. The cure, of course, is to not wear the bra at all. Should you be brave enough to test it to see if it is truly the cause, DO NOT WASH IT and wear it again when the rash is gone. That’s how I finally connected the dots.
      We all must start documenting our experiences with photographic evidence and medical records.

  8. So… alternate products report: I have a Vanity Fair bra from Macy’s. No rash, but it makes you look like a ’50s sweater girl. Huge cones on your chest – unattractive. I got two different styles from “Avenue” because I needed something for a particular dress, and although they are comfortable enough… they feel cheap and cheesy. So, to date… I’ve found nothing that replaces VS products. :/

  9. I’m so glad I just happened to google “Victoria secret bra rash” and stumble upon this. I knew it was a thing of the past, but apparently it’s still happening. My very sexy extreme push-up which is maybe a year old gives me rashes every time I wear it! And I know it’s from the bra because when I wear a different bra, I don’t get it. I’ll wear the push-up for maybe two days, break out with rash, then switch to different bra and the rash fades away. Insane! We really need to do something about this. The itching is unbearable!!

  10. I was just in the shower and felt this large, raised thing along my bra line. I could feel it was a blister. This is after having had episodes of itching and scarring already. I thought maybe I had my VS bras too tight, hooked at the third row of eyes, but even when I started wearing them at the loosest hook, the problem remained. Most recently, I haven’t had as much itching, but now I have developed this pretty large blood blister. When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, I could’t believe it. And it seems the blister formed during the day, as I definitely didn’t have it last night when I went to sleep. What recourse is there regarding this issue? The cost of the bras themselves is one thing, but how can I be compensated for scars that may not go away and blisters that leave me vulnerable to discomfort and infection?

    • Well, I haven’t heard of blood blisters before, but who knows – you may be extra sensitive. My advice is to get a good photo of it, and also see your doctor so it’s in your medical record. As for compensation or recourse, at the moment, no lawyers have stepped forward to take this to court as a class action suit. I’m hoping someone will take interest. VS will give you your money back on the bra, according to some who have posted here, but they won’t admit to the formaldehyde or take any responsibility. DEFINITELY see your doctor!!

      • I bought two bras one month ago and i’m having Rashes/blisters (Like pimples) where the elastic band is crossing my shoulders after wearing for just one day. I’m terrified by reading about the chemicals in Victoria secret bras:(

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  13. have had a severe reaction on my way to have a biopsy as no doctors can work out what is wrong with me. I after a sleepless night researching on line have worked out it is probably my new sports bra that is doing it. I have an episode of my eyes swelling and my throat swelling and not being able to swallow.

    • Katie…i bought a Warner bra and had severe itching also. Half my lip swelled up as well as my tongue. I thought it may have been due to the cortisone 1o cream I used. You’re the first person who mentioned they had swelling. Someone from Warners sent me the speck sheet on the bra…(100% polyurethane)….she probably wasn’t’ suppose to do that as she tried to recall the e-mail twice. Keeping everything in a bag…not sure what to do with it. I either wear two old sports bras I have or just layer with tanks. Hope you are better

    • Holy moly. That sounds like you are REALLY allergic. On one of the bra posts on this blog, there was a woman who had her VS bra chemically tested. Hers came back positive for chemical residue. If you can’t find it, I can try to find it for you. Ask your doc if s/he knows how to have the bra tested. Good for you that you went to the doc!

  14. It’s not just VS bras….got the same reaction from a Vera Wang bra bought from Kohls. Horrible giant hives and uncontrollable itching.

    • Hello Tina. Well, that is discouraging. It means that VS was at the front of the wave of manufactures who are using fabric with formaldehyde in it. I’m sorry to hear that. Please see a doctor and have your condition documented. And, put the bra in a baggie in case you need it for evidence, but don’t wear it anymore.

  15. I have been wearing VS bras exclusively for the past 3 years. During this time, I have experienced constant itching and numerous instances of “boil like” sores on both breasts. I have been to the dermatologist for this problem. He thought my largest one was a boil. I regularly find myself with abrasions from night itching. More often than not, I find myself wearing bandaids coated with neosporin waiting for the wounds to heal. I have 8 VS bras.

    I found your blog after googling my itching condition, never considering that it my be my bras. All but one are made in China; the newest is one from Sri Lanka. Today, I will be wearing my only Warner’s.

    • Oh Renee. Your story is so familiar. Welcome to our unhappy little club. Isn’t it astounding that these products are still being sold? As for your bras, you can probably return them – VS is so familiar with this problem that they take the bras right back, I’ve heard. Or you can save them in a baggie as evidence and even have them chemically tested to confirm what irritants are in them. At least there is good news in all this – your rash will go away and your discomfort will stop if you just stop wearing the bras. Good luck!

  16. Thanks, and guess what? I have not experienced itching today or tonight, so good so far. Has anyone had good results with any particular brand after the horrors of wearing V/S bras? I used to wear Warners which is what I wore today but I read other blog comments today from women experiencing similar problems from their Warners. I am hesitant to buy anything right now. Is anyone having any luck with a particular brand? Do I need to contact the Double Divas to see if they can help? Has anyone had as good experience with Soma bras?

    • I am going to check into Soma bras. I’ve been wearing my old VS bras… they are about to disintegrate, and also Champion sports bras, and some from Avenue that are just pitiful. But – they don’t make me itch. The main thing is to look at the label of the bra… if it’s made in China… don’t buy it! Sri Lanka, India and Mexico, and of course, the U.S., all seem to be fine. Please report back on anything you find out, and glad to hear that your are feeling better! Put that VS bra in a bag!!!

  17. About 3 weeks ago I started wearing a VS bra and 3 days later I developed an awful rash/hives with horrible itching under my breasts. I thought I had shingles or some bacterial problem. I never thought this had to do with the bra, until few days later I started suspecting it could be the bra. So I intermediately stopped using it and started using cotton camis and then like a week later started to get a little better. I put the bra again and started again with itching swelling and even discoloration on my skin. Today I went to the clinic and I was diagnose with allergic contact dermatitis. I just found out tonight about your blog and I just feel sick just reading. I never thought about some bra could do this to us! I almost put the bra in the trash but I decided to keep it and take wherever I have to and also already took pics. This is absolutely disturbing!!

    • Hello Paola, well, welcome to our sad little club that has a reaction to formaldehyde in fabric. I’m glad you went to a doctor and got a diagnosis, and also took photos. You can probably get your money back for your VS bra, as they are well aware of this issue, however, it might be a good idea to hang on to it in the event that a lawyer or Congressional representative takes up our cause to label products containing trace elements of formaldehyde.

  18. I have experienced red skin, terrible itching and hives all over my breasts after wearing foam shaped Warner bras. The welts and truly severe itching took weeks to go away! Has anyone else had problems with Warner products? I wonder if the same overseas factories are making theses?? Is there any way to find out?

    • Hello Patti – wow, no one has reported this from a Warner bra. Check the label – was it made in China? The issue isn’t actually the bras themselves, it’s the formaldehyde treated fabric. Maybe this nightmare is spreading to other manufacturers. The only way to find out if your bra is causing the issue is to stop wearing it until the rash is gone, then put it back on. If the rash comes roaring back – bingo.

  19. I’m in the itchy club too! Not fun at all. I have been suffering for 8 years, I spent so much money on lotions, nothing helped and I did not know could be the bra. I feel awesome for the first time in years. I would like to ask what brand, model bra you all switched to after stop purchasing victoria secret. Because I’m 36DDD and it is not easy to find good, supporting bra. So, please help me to find my new favorite bra, please. The model I love from victoria secret is body by victoria full coverage. I hope victoria secret will star paying more attention to the customers and stop producing itchy bras.

    • Hello Yana, welcome to our uncomfortable little group. So glad that you figured out what was causing your misery. I just discovered Ambrielle bras, sold at JC Penney online, and am pretty happy with it so far. It comes in the DD sizes too!

  20. I’m reporting back 🙂 Ambrielle bras look really good and comfortable, unfortunately are slightly smaller in the cup size and did not fit me. In our local JCPenney I found 3 different models in my size and all of them were small. So, I may need to do some remeasuring and get a proper size bra. But will report back for sure.

    • Try their measuring tips on the website. I found the size to be accurate, but the cup size way off base… I needed a smaller cup size. Try ordering online! You can return it if it doesn’t fit. 🙂

  21. OMG!!!!! I have been plagued with these God awful rashes for 2 years…my Doctors told be to try powder and cortisone creams… Etc. Nothing worked!!!! This rash itches like Crazy!! All of my bras are from Victoria Secret after reading the article, I looked at them and they are all made in China!!!! I have been tremendous anxiety thinking I must have some type of breast cancer that’s going in detected by mammogram!!! I’m so glad to find this article!!! I am also going to see if VS will refund my investment!!!

    • Dear Le Thuy, welcome to our itchy little club. Isn’t it a relief to know it’s not you? So glad that you went to a doctor… did they diagnose “allergic contact dermatitis”? Also… IMPORTANT: Do not throw the bras away. Please put them in a ziplock and save them, in the event that we reach a point were we need bras that can be tested. How long ago did you purchase the bras? And… did the rash go away after you stopped wearing the bra? In my case, it took a couple weeks for it to heal.

  22. Hello there!
    I would like to report I found an amazing UK lingerie brand that feel comfy, sexy and sturdy at the same time. I got 3 different bra from them and love them. They are a little pricey but I turned out have bigger cup size that I thought and not able to find anything cheap anyway. The brand name is Panache. They are not available in any retail store near me, so I’m shopping online which is a little tricky but that is what it is. But anybody with bra size D and over will be very pleased.

    • Hello Yana! I checked the Panache bras out – they look nice! I found them on Amazon at a better prices. And yes – for big-busted gal, there’s lots of options. Thanks for the tip! Please let me know if you are rash-free after wearing them!

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  24. I purchased my first VS bra last month. Loved it the first week I wore it and purchased three more. Suddenly I have this horrible rash on my breasts and rib cage. I’m so glad I found this website to reassure me that it isn’t just my imagination. I have scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist for this week; I have stopped wearing the bras but my rash hasn’t gone away. I do love the bras and was wondering if you know of any way to wash them so hang will

      • Hello Sam,
        Sorry you have landed in our uncomfortable little club, and EXCELLENT that you are seeing a dermatologist! I am seeing one next week to be tested for textile allergies myself!
        As for washing, sadly, no amount of washing seemed to help. It was a particular bra that was the main culprit and because I didn’t realize the extent of the problem, I just threw the bra away. BIG mistake!
        If only I’d had my blog for ME! 😉
        Please report back about your dermatology visit and any other information you discover that might be helpful!

  25. Like most of you I’ve worn VS bras for years with no problems. A couple of weeks ago I got a new VS bra and within an hour of wearing it the first time I got a horrible allergic reaction. I first noticed red splotches on my arms that were itchy, then my eyes started watering, my ears started leaking (yes, fluid started coming out) and I felt a weird itchy sensation in my mouth. I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink yet that morning but knew it was an allergic reaction and immediately took a double dose of benadryl and a shower. I then put the Body by Victoria, made in China bra back on and called my husband. He’s the one that asked if I had any new clothes on. We decided it must be the bra and I washed it thinking it must have been packaged in something I was allergic to. Fast forward a week later and I pull out my new, clean bra not even thinking I’d have another reaction. With in 30 minutes my ears were leaking and my throat sounded like it was closing! I do not have allergic reactions. Ever! Apparently my body doesn’t do so well with harsh chemicals made to embalm the deceased. Go figure.
    I took off the VS bra, reshowered, and four days later I am still dealing with an itchy raw neck from all the scratching I HAD to do. I googled VS bra rash and found this site… that I know that THEY KNOW I want to return this bra- but it was a gift from the husband and you know he doesn’t have the receipt ;). I am going to call the 800 service number on their website tomorrow and hopefully I can send it back to some corporate office somewhere for a full refund. I need a new black bra and I am fearful now to even go shopping. Shame on you VS! I will be spreading the news about your chemical laced bras to everyone I know! And to anyone that notices the raw marks still healing on my neck!

    • Hello Cristin – well, you’ve had the experience too. :/
      And, like you – washing didn’t help. I suggest that you do NOT return the bra but keep it and see a dermatologist or allergist. That is the only way they’ll know if it is the bra you’re reacting to.
      And yes, it takes a long time for the rash to go away.
      Welcome to the sad little club that can’t wear our favorite bras anymore. 😦

  26. Hello! Just to update you, I called VS and they are refunding me for my whole purchase and asked me to dispose of the bras. My dermatologist prescribed a topical cream, but after seven days it is only marginally better. I sure hope the company realizes they are simply throwing money away and losing customers in the process 😦

    • Sam, well my impression is that VS will not validate any of these claims because to do so would be to admit that something in the bras is making women react. They are stonewalling. As for the rash – it can take weeks to totally clear up. It’s almost as if you’ve been burned. The only solution is to not wear the bra. I found Gold Bond powder to alleviate the itch a little. Keeping it dry seems to work better than moisturizing. As for the bra – do NOT dispose of it!!! It is EVIDENCE! I saw a doctor yesterday and he said that without the bra, there’s nothing to test! Very interesting that VS is advising you to throw the bra away!
      And yes – they are just losing customers by the way they’re handling this.

      • You’re so right!! After I posted the comment to your blog, I received an email confirming my refund. Interestingly, the email from VS said, “Dear Samantha, We apologize that you did not receive your merchandise.” Oh, VS, I received my merchandise, thank you very much.

  27. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! While Internet searching for a way to remedy the constant digging of my VS bras, I came across your blog. I am so grateful for the information you all have provided!!!!
    I purchased three new VS bras in June. Coincidently, a red welted itchy rash developed on my sides, below my armpits, the very same time I began wearing them. I figured since I teach in a sauna like classroom during warmer weather, the rash was simply fungal in nature due to the heat and humidity. The OTC creams and lotions I have tried provide me no relief, so for now I wait for my appointment to see my dermatologist.
    It all makes sense. Every time I’ve worn one of my three new “made in China” bras, the rash immediately worsened with a constant need to scratch like crazy!
    I am so upset that VS has allowed this to be an ongoing product issue without remedy. This company clearly values their profits over our health. I want my money back!!!! I work way to hard and VS does not deserve to keep it. In the meanwhile I will wait patiently for the rash to clear. I’ve switched out the VS bras with properly fitted, no digging bras purchased from a very reputable local specialty store.

    • Hello Liz!
      It’s so dang frustrating, isn’t it? You’d think VS would be falling all over themselves to get to the bottom of this, but their position is it’s just a small number of women with a severe allergic reaction, and they aren’t going to sully their reputation by acknowledging it.
      I have been mushing along in some Vanity Fair and Ambrielle numbers, but they’re so matronly. I’d so much rather be in the bras I love…. if only my breasts didn’t look like hamburger when I wear them!
      You might want to hang on to those bras rather than return them. They are the only thing that can prove that something is in the bras.

  28. i don’t know if you guys are still following this but I just had this happen to me with one of their sports bras. I’ve worn their bras, regular and sport bras, for years now and never had issues. I remember thinking how “starchy” the bra looked, after one day of wearing it, I had a rash all over my boobs, and trailing down on my stomach. It looks like eczema, extremely itchy like bumps small and big everywhere. It’s embarassing. I ended up tweeting at them and I’m supposed to call them but I’m sure they’re not going to help me. Definitely plan on returning the bra.

    • Hello Olivia K! Yes, I’m still following all the replies. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. If you call VS, they may tell you to just throw the bra away. Don’t do this! I saw an allergy doctor last month and he said without the “evidence,” there’s no way to test for what is making you react. So, rather than discarding the bra or returning it, I recommend you put the bra in a ziploc bag (don’t wash it) and see an allergy specialist. Also, get photos of your rash.

      • I will do that! I’m going to call them tomorrow. I ended up tweeting to them about it (figuring social media was he best way to get a response), they said they would call me, never did, and then when I tweeted again, they said to message them about what issue I was talking about. So I messaged them (again) and they told me to call and gave me a case number. It sounds like they’ve given some other ladies above their money back, so I definitely want to get mine back as well. I’m going to have to go to a doctor, the first couple of days I thought it would go away (keep in mind I’ve only worn the bra ONCE) and it seems like every day it gets worse. It’s spread down to my stomach and there are even spots on my back from where the bra was. I’ve just gotten the rash, nothing else, but it’s completely embarassing and disgusting! I’ve never had a problem with them until now, and I continued to use my old bras I’ve had with them because those are the only ones I have. I’m not sure if the other one that gavee the reaction somehow “activated” the other old ones in a sense or what, but it’s been almost a week and a half since I’ve worn the bra and it seems to be spreading worse now than it was before. But I’ve never had this happen before so I KNOW it was the bra, and I’m also SICKENED by the fact that it’s not just me!!! It’s a shame.

  29. Hi Olivia – Oh, do I feel your pain! The rash does get worse before it gets better, and takes a long time to heal – about 3 weeks. I found that the only relief I could get was from Gold Bond powder… keep it dry, and wear a stretch cotton sports bra like the ones Champion makes… give it time.
    My experience was that once the area was sensitized, any small exposure would make it flare up again. It took a long time before I noticed the pattern – it’s the bra!
    If they will give you your money back without asking you to return the bra, fine. But if you do return it – have it tested first. Keep it in a Ziploc and take it to an allergy specialist.
    And yes… it’s not just you, and yes, they know… but they blame their customers because only the ones with the allergy have a reaction. :/

  30. Wow great to know I’m not the only one experiencing these hives! Like everyone who had previously commented I had bought these VS bras recently last month. But I had not been wearing them as much earlier, but recently after 2 or 3 wears was when I started noticing these hives. And like Debra, the most recent flare up was worse than the earlier one. What’s worse with mine is my whole body reacts to it, the bra area at first, and then the rest of my body. So washing doesn’t work at all? I will do what you guys did and call them up! I want my money back too!

    • Hello Kristine – you are not alone! And yes… the allergy gets more severe the more you expose yourself. Washing doesn’t help. Before returning your bra to get your money back, please search for “Tina” on one of these “Boob Blog” post threads. She got through to the Consumer Product Safety Protection office, and they are sending her a test kit. You need the bra or you won’t have anything to test!

  31. I’ve recently for the past two months have had a very very horrific allergic reaction to a Victoria’s Secret bra my sister got me. I loved that bra because at first it felt great to wear it… Then I started noticing a lot of itching and burning. I thought it I washed it more often it’d stop…no… Wearing the bra for a long time (less than 24 hours) started to cause weird changes in my right breast first. Small patches or red raised skin that grew larger and larger and darker almost began to look like burns! Then it spread to my other breast slowly getting worse. From the look of one patch I thought it was ringworm but I noticed that once I stopped wearing the bra the inflammation, itching & redness left within hours and my skin started to peel. Wore the bra again because I thought it was ring worm, putting anti fungal medication on the rash it did nothing but flared up again getting worse!!!! The rash then spread to my nipples which caused them to flake and peel… The patches aren’t even circular anymore they’re just large burns…I knew it was that bra I just didn’t want to believe it…but doing research I see I’m not alone…

    • Hello Andrea — what you’ve described is exactly what I experienced. I also thought maybe it was ringworm or fungus, until I connected all the dots. And no, you aren’t alone. You have a HUGE group of sisters with the same problem. The official term is “allergic contact dermatitis” and the problem is that percentage-wise, we are a small number of the overall VS customers. VS absolutely will not acknowledge that something in their bras causes the reaction, and it’s true, it isn’t THEIR fault that a percentage of us are hyper-sensitive to it. It is sort of like discovering you have a peanut allergy and then have to be aware of what you eat and make sure you don’t eat anything containing peanuts. The difference is that food manufacturers label their foods with allergens, and thus far, VS refuses to do the same.

    • Hello Teresa – yes, it’s still a problem. Can you believe it? And it seems the problem is widening to other brands as well, which isn’t really surprising given that it’s the fabric itself that is infused with whatever is causing the skin reactions, and that fabric could be anywhere. I suspect that it was first linked to VS because VS is the biggest company.
      Sorry to hear you are one of the “Itchy Sisters”. It’s a very uncomfortable condition, and it takes weeks to clear up. Put those bras in a ziploc and don’t wear them – that is the only cure.
      Also, please see your doctor so you can have your condition diagnosed and documented.

  32. I just returned 2 bra’s today I have a horrible rash on my chest from wearing them. The manager did not seem surprised at all.

    • Hello Dana,
      Isn’t that interesting — it’s become so common that the managers aren’t even questioning it! That is really sad! Hope your rash clears up soon and that you are feeling better.

  33. Hi. I have never commented on a blog before but wanted to share my experience with Warner Bras. I purchased two last year and developed the same rash which many describe from their VS bras. The rash was so bad that I actually had to undergo two biopsies. The doctors finally attributed it to eczema and said that there was nothing that could be done. However, I stumbled upon your blog and immediately stopped wearing the bras. The rash healed within about 6 weeks. Fast forward to my stupidity. I thought the problem was with bras made in China, so I was careful not to buy anymore bras from China (which is where the Warner bras were made). I purchased Playtex bras from Indonesia and they seemed to be fine – no rash. So when a couple days ago I found Warner’s bras from Indonesia I thought they would be okay too. Two days wearing them and the rash is back. All this to say, I don’t know if it is with the location where the bra is made or the Company but definitely won’t buy Warner’s ever again.

    • Hello, Carolyn. Sorry to hear you are suffering with this horrific breast rash. I suspect that Victoria’s Secret, being the largest bra company, probably was at the forefront of the breast rashes. But now, other manufacturers are turning up with the same chemical-infused fabrics. Even if they are manufactured in Indonesia, the fabric itself may come from China. It’s a global manufacturing marketplace these days.
      So… yes, there are bras out there with chemicals in them that people like you and I have an allergic reaction to. But the good news is – you will now recognize the symptoms and be able to stop wearing the item that causes the problem. That’s the only solution. And yes… it takes a long time for the rash to heal.
      Anyway, congratulations on your first blog post too, and welcome to our Itchy Sisters Club. 🙂

  34. Just bought a vs bra, wore it twice and both nipples look like I have ringworm. Only thing I have done differently is buy that bra. Unbelievable, what is the latest on this situation?

    • Hi Marge. The latest is that nothing really has changed. Neither the government nor the manufacturers are paying any attention to this issue, and likely won’t until someone dies. And THAT is very unlikely.
      So, all you can do is learn to recognize the signs of allergic reactions and stop wearing the offending item. You should also see your doctor and have your condition diagnosed and documented.

  35. I have been dealing with mysterous hives only on my breast for a month now and I only wear VS bras. AND….it’s my first time wearing them. I used to wear another brand. My doctor thought it strange that my hives are no where else on my body. After reading all of these stories on line…..No more VS bras for me. Formaldehyde? no thank you.

    • Hi Marni! Welcome to our unfortunate Itchy Sisters Club! The bad news is you can’t wear your lovely VS bras anymore, and VS will neither admit there’s an issue nor do anything about it. The good news is that if you stop wearing the bras, the rash should subside in a couple weeks. Great that you went to your doctor first.
      Please come back and let us know if you find some great bras that don’t make you miserable! We’re all looking for something else!

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