This piece of paper is priceless

So, I get a letter from the UC Davis radiology center, telling me that once again, my mammography is clear. No sign of cancer or anything to be concerned about.

“Meh,” I shrug. Breast cancer is not something that’s prevalent in my family, and not something I am particularly concerned about. Other diseases or health concerns? Oh hell yes. Brain aneurysms — right at the top of that list, and far and away out in front of anything in the second spot. As far as health concerns go, I’d say brain aneurysms occupy 99.9 percent of my health anxiety. But, as they aren’t something you can predict, or even prevent (barring, of course, healthy eating, regular exercise and reducing your stress), there’s not much I can do with that anxiety but put in a “I’ll think about that later” box in my head, put it on the shelf, and do my best not to ever open it.

But breast cancer? Meh.

And I stood there, holding that piece of paper from the radiology center, just about to file it with my other medical papers… and it struck me: There are thousands upon thousands of women out there who would give ANYTHING to be holding that letter. For whom the “all clear” report would be priceless.

Four out of ten women, I believe the current statistic is… who WISH they were holding that piece of paper with THEIR name on it. For whom that little piece of paper would bring such joy, and eliminate such fear and worry.

And… many, many things snapped into focus at that moment, holding that piece of paper… I am so very lucky, so wealthy in fact, to be holding a piece of paper that is truly priceless.





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