Hey, Pres — how about a lunch date with me?

President Obama is making the rounds, pressing the palms and raking in the cash today in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yeah, that’s a lot of sad, tired clichés for one sentence, but the topic of politics makes me sad and tired these days too.

At today’s fundraisers, for $10,000, you can attend a luncheon with Obama and have your photo taken with him. For $32,000, you can also attend a private reception. Obviously, these events are for the 1%, because most of us can’t drop $10,000 on a lunch. Even fewer of us can spend as much on a reception AS I MAKE IN AN ENTIRE YEAR.

And yet, I voted for Obama. Twice. And no, I don’t think his presidency has exactly been a stellar success, but I don’t blame that entirely on him. He’s been thwarted at every move by Congressional Republicans, who have only one goal: Oppose whatever Obama supports. The Party of No bears much of the responsibility for this lackluster presidency, but Obama will be the one remembered for it. Which isn’t really fair, but it is what it is. On the other hand, if the Congressional Democrats weren’t so wimpy and polite, maybe the Republicans wouldn’t have steamrolled over everything Obama attempts to do.

Anyway. Back to the point. Face time with the Pres.

I think I deserve a handshake and a photo opp, and maybe even a conversation over a burrito or something, because I VOTED for Obama. And, as I said, I was a repeat offender. I don’t know if I’d vote for him again, because although he is likely one of the most intelligent, gifted presidents we’ve ever had, he’s simply not mean enough. He doesn’t know how to brawl. And you have to be a street fighter to take on the Congressional Republicans, as well as other difficult personalities elsewhere in the world.



So, no, Obama probably wouldn’t get my vote again because he’s just too damn polite and nice and cooperative. But he DID get my vote, twice. I helped put him in office, and I helped him stay there. I gave him my one and only vote, and also my trust and hope. Can you put a price on trust and/or hope? I think that’s worth something. I deserve a handshake and a lunch date.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Pres — how about a lunch date with me?

  1. And when you get your lunch date, make sure Air Force One flies into our airport to pick me up on his way to lunch with you, and he can kill two birds with one stone. Lunch with two of the loveliest ladies on earth, a crazy photo op, and a toast with the shots of liquor of your choice. Who knows, he’d probably want to spend the rest of the day with us! I love my President!


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