Classic ‘Vertigo’ like a deja-vu trip

Watched “Vertigo” with the husbie last night. Weird deja-vus when you see San Francisco streets and buildings, but they’re… different… somehow… And so many scenes you’d NEVER see today: entrance to the Legion of Honor – totally empty; drive through the Presidio – not another car in sight; heading down HWY 1 south to ANYWHERE without traffic? For that matter… driving all over the city, anywhere you want, without bumper to bumper traffic? PARKING in front of anywhere at anytime, let alone the Empire Hotel on Sutter Street? Parking at ALL? Oh my, how things have changed in 50+ years.

One more thing that’s changed in 50 years… today’s stars look like stick figures next to Kim Novak. Now THERE was a juicy gal! Who would they get to play her today? Some rail who couldn’t fill out that strapless green gown, that’s who. I can’t even think of one who is curvier than an 8 year old boy with breast implants.

All that said… someone should remake “Vertigo.” It’s due for an update. Who should play the lead roles? As for Jimmy Stewart’s role – clearly someone who is a better kisser. Whooee. A mannequin has sexier moves. Closed mouth kisses. Boo hiss. That’s how to kiss your gramma.

Also… cool little side note… the Empire Hotel was completely remodeled a couple years back, and is now called Hotel Vertigo, with tributes to the movie. Stayed in it and did a review… nice place. Stayed in it when it was the Empire too. For about half the price. For twice the price you get get a really cool white horsehead lamp and sheer orange curtains, that I must say bathe the room in an amazing warm glow. The manager at the time I stayed, Peter, was awesome! He even gave me an official Vertigo T-shirt that says “Heads Will Spin.”

Possibly the most notable memory from staying in that hotel is that due to its square shape and open center courtyard, surrounded by high walls on all sides, there was one guest who was clearly getting pleasured in a way that was mind blowing. Wonder if she knew that her moans and groans and oohs and ahhhs, and ah-ah-ah-AH explosive orgasm were shared with anyone who had an open window? I know that my sweetie reaped the benefit of what she inspired! Whoever inspired HER – hats off, Sir, or Ma’m, or Duracell batteries, or right hand… You did well!

Damn, I think I need to go find my husbie just thinking about that memory….

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