Guilty pleasures

Goddess, forgive me, for I have snarfed.

I know I shouldn’t consume these things but sometimes…. under just the right circumstances… when no one’s looking…

~  Spicy pork rinds

~  Cadbury mini-eggs

~  Red Vines red licorice

~  Barbecued potato chips with sour cream

~  Sour cream

~  The crispy skin on the turkey when it comes out of the oven (you didn’t think it just magically disappeared, did you…)

~  Pork sausage with maple syrup

~  Cinnamon hearts, Red Hots, Atomic Fireballs or anything else so cinnamony that it makes your eyes leak (but not Goldschlager because it makes me puke.)

Gee, I’m seeing a trend here… pork things and hot cinnamon things… somebody invent cinnamon-covered sausage for me (Spring Warren, are you paying attention)

~  Bailey’s Irish Cream

~  Peanut butter sandwiches

~  Peanut butter minus the sandwich

~  Bubble gum – good old-fashioned Bazooka (ah, how I miss Bub’s Daddy ropes – three points for anyone who remembers them… and could chomp the hole rope in one big ball…)

~  Peeps (it’s not food, it’s an obsession, a dare… like eating haggis…)

~  Cherry Jell-o

~  Cheetos, nacho cheese Doritos, cheap-ass house brand cheese puffs, or anything covered in that atomic orange cheese-food substance, and in particular:

~ Macaroni and cheese – in any form, from a box or homemade… I would dive into a vat of it if I could (which actually sounds disturbingly kinky, particularly if I could get Catherine Zeta Jones to dive in with me.)

I’m sure there are many more to add to this list.  Particularly if it’s cinnamony, sour-creamy, porky, peanut buttery orcherry-y.

Feel free to confess in the safety of my blog all those things you aren’t willing to admit you’ll eat when no one’s looking. (The internet – it only feels like no one’s looking.)





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