The Elements of Horse Spirit — The Magical Bond Between Humans and Horses

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While dogs are reputed to be Man’s Best Friend, horses are Humankind’s Best Ally. The spiritual connection between humans and horses stretches back to the Paleolithic era, when our early human ancestors drew horse images on the walls of the Lascaux Caves, amongst others. Horses had already captured the fancy of our ancient relatives, and at some point one got the bright idea of hopping onto the back of those horses and at that exact moment, the course of human culture took a quantum leap forward. Humans discovered that horses had far more value than serving as the main course over the fire pit.

From cultivating the land, to facilitating swift transportation and hunting, to carrying warriors into battle, horses were key in helping humanity drive its own destination. Just as those early human and horse partnerships transformed the external world, so can they transform our internal world. Drawing on the power of horses that correspond to the energy of the Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit — you can be inspired by your own metaphysical “stable” to help you accomplish what you want and reach your own destinations. If you need to “git ‘er done,” the Elemental Horses will be your psychological catalysts.

But what about real, live horses? They also offer the gift of transformation. Just spending regular time with a horse will calm and center you. You don’t even have to ride it… just spend time with it, bond with it, and let it lead you to your own personal internal healing space. Let it teach you what it means to settle into the experience of “Be Here Now.” These are the “companion horses,” that serve as your mentor for learning to live and be in the moment. A relationship with a horse will reduce your stress, rekindle your joy, and pretty much change your life.

No experience with horses? Sure that you can’t afford one? Don’t put that proverbial cart before the horse! You can harness the metaphysical energy of Horse Spirit without ever stepping into a stable! Those who wish to make the jump from metaphysical to physical, but don’t have any experience with real horses, will learn in this book the basics of horse behavior, horse care and costs, horsemanship, and exercises to bond with a horse. There’s also plenty of “do’s and don’ts” for just visiting a horse barn, and how to behave around horses.

You’ll also read true personal stories of horses that changed people’s lives, including my own. “Equine Assisted Therapy” is currently a blossoming field in psychotherapy, as the incredible psychological and emotional value of interacting with horses is being discovered. From alcoholism to depression to serving in prison rehabilitation programs, horses are once again proving to be the key for the advancement of human life, and lives. They’re the best four-legged psychotherapists on earth!

“The Elements of Horse Spirit — The Magical Bond Between Humans and Horses” is available on Amazon and the Llewellyn Worldwide website. To order your own copy, click here.