The new iPinion is here! The new iPinion is here!

In the spring of last year, David Lacy, my longtime pal and fellow columnist (and also the other son I never had) and I had an idea: What if we banded together and formed an online syndicate of our respective columns, and tried to ride the downloadable content market? As we chatted, we decided “more is better” and started gathering together a collection of other columnists, writers, poets and photographers, and sculpted an online syndicate called iPinion.


We toiled away at it and formed it into something presentable, and it caught fire. And then, because none of us are website designers, it burned into a pile of ash. Well, turns out one of our photographers, Tracy Butler Thomas, is a web designer and she pulled the iPinion phoenix from the ashes, dusted it off and threw it into the air. And… it took off! Our newest version can be found at, and besides the eclectic pool of talent, this site is one skootch better – it functions!


Now that we have functionality and presentation, we are again polishing the rough edges, carefully and quietly seeking out new talent, and keeping our eye on the goal – coming to an iPad, iPhone or Kindle near you! For now, you can enjoy iPinion for free on our website. We update the content twice per week (Sundays and Wednesdays), and there’s comment spaces where anyone can communicate with any of the writers. There are also amazing topical columns by noted writers such as Georgeanne Brennan and Kami McBride, and amazing blogs by Amy Ferris and Spring Warren. We were thrilled to add Brad Friedman to our group of bloggers, and you can find the BradBlog right there on the iPinion website as well.


Check it out… this is where journalism is heading. It’s journalistic Darwinism in action, and we’re aiming for survival rather than extinction.  — it’s all about us. And “us”  includes you! Welcome!

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